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Quality & Performance Improvement

“Quality in health care essentially means doing the right thing to the right person, the right way, every time”. The three most important aspects of quality are: it is measurable, it is appreciative (the comprehension and appraisal of excellence that exceeds regular standards), it is perceptive (the degree of excellence perceived by the patient or other observers of health care).

Vivalon Global Health assists your organisation in establishing a Quality and Performance Improvement Plan that is closely integrated with the strategic plan of the organisation, while focusing on Key Performance Indicators of the business. We identify other strategic areas that should be measured and improved, and add them to your KPI’s.

We select a Performance Improvement Method most suitable for your organisation, train staff, and initiate Performance Improvement Projects. The aim is to choose indicators that can be benchmarked against other organisations. This ensures that results can be constantly compared to the best in the relevant field.

Quality and Performance Improvement is not “only something to be done in large private hospitals”. It is a concept that must be implemented in all health care organisations, whether it is a clinic, doctor’s practice, public hospital or private diagnostic centre. It is our common responsibility to make health care as excellent and as affordable as possible.

“Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.” Ralph Marston