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Turnkey Projects

A fragmented approach to hospital design has several pitfalls, and many projects have been largely unsuccessful due to the fact that there was no proper coordination between the various aspects of the project. A simplified turnkey approach solves many of these issues. Unified planning, designing, construction and operation of a new organisation lead to an integrated, well-functioning system.



Vivalon Global Health has a full range of consultants in all areas of expertise for hospital design, planning, construction, equipment, furnishing, training and human resources. We provide world-class solutions from internationally experienced consultants, which will give your project the professionalism and advantage of becoming a world-class facility. Some pros of choosing a turnkey solution:

  • Time saving: Your one point of contact ensures that there are no gaps or missing links in the process, and the project is looked at as a whole on a continuous basis.
  • Better utilisation of equipment: Ensuring that all equipment is compatible, uses easily obtainable consumables, has full coverage for maintenance and breakdowns, and includes detailed training for operators.
  • Affordability: Our contact with most major suppliers ensures that you benefit financially in a competitive market.
  • Preventative maintenance and after sales service: We take care of contracts with vendors to provide coverage for an extended period of time post installation.
  • Manpower training: We do training for all staff to ensure a smooth admittance of the first patient. This includes equipment training, as well as clinical competency training for clinical staff.
  • Commissioning of the organization: Full commissioning of the facility with all its systems.
  • Management of operation: Full or limited management options are available to take care of your business.