We are transforming Health Care Delivery across the circle of care with
our Professional Health and Medical Management Solutions:

Frail Care

In-Home Frail Care Services for Residents of the Bronberg Retirement Estate in Pretoria.


Hospital Management

Efficiency, effectiveness, cost-savings and exceptional quality, lead to a productive and happy workforce.READ MORE + »

Turnkey Projects

Our company’s simplified turnkey approach leads to integrated, well-functioning systems.READ MORE + »


Our consultants will assess a challenge and provide a fresh perspective when finding possible solutions.READ MORE + »

Establishment of New Services

You have identified the need for a new or an additional service in your hospital, Vivalon will assist.READ MORE + »

Commissioning of New and Extended facilities

Our company’s expertise and processes address all concepts required to make a new facility operational.READ MORE + »

Patient Safety

Vivalon implements intensive training of staff and establishes processes within the organisation that are evidence-based and measurable.READ MORE + »

Quality & Performance Improvement

We establish a Quality and Performance Improvement Plan that is integrated with the strategic plan of the organisation.READ MORE + »

Strategic Plans

Vivalon identifies opportunities. It creates a framework to enable the organisation to make choices for a better future.READ MORE + »

Business Plans

Vivalon’s business plans have an achievable outcome and are realistic in its timelines and budgets.READ MORE + »

IT Solutions

IT solutions range from specialised, paperless systems, to more affordable, basic options.READ MORE + »


With rapid changes in the health care arena, training is the backbone of any health care organisation.READ MORE + »


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