Establishment of New Services

Have you identified a need for a new service?

The required service will be approached on the same principles as a turnkey project.

Vivalon Global Health will implement the necessary structures and support to fulfil this need, and manage the project from its inception to operational phase.

With more than 45 years combined experience in the health care industry, our equipment and design experts will save you money without compromising your strategy or patient care.

With regards to equipment, we:

Analyse your needs, design medical equipment plans
  • Equipment selections
  • Department by Department
  • Room by Room
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Specifications

Offer single source consolidation to ensure compatibility and ease of obtaining consumables
Source longer guarantees and extended warranties (for example: 5 year maintenance plans).

Preparation for accreditation is a lengthy and daunting task, and requires buy-in from the owners, management and employees of an organisation. Accreditation displays the commitment of the organisation to continually improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency, and improves the organisation’s reputation in the community.


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