Business Plans

The Cornerstone of any New Business

Whether it is a new business, or an expansion of services in an existing organisation, a business plan is essential.

The design and compilation of a business plan must have an achievable outcome, and be realistic in its timelines and budgets.

The following components are typically part of a business plan:

The business or service definition
A description of the market; its size, pricing and distribution alternatives
A description of the competition and their marketing strategies
A development plan indicating all additional items that must be accomplished to enter into the business
The operations and management plan to indicate who will be responsible for which tasks in the business
Financials to indicate the investments required, operational budget for the first year and balance sheet
A funding statement to describe how funds will be raised and distributed, and the dilution of equity anticipated.

All the steps required for a successful business plan, and successful strategy of implementation, is dependent on a close partnership between Vivalon Global Heath and our client. Teamwork, cooperation and a true understanding of our clients ‘needs are essential components. This is exactly what Vivalon Global Health offers you through customised solutions.


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