Hospital Management

Reaching Maximum Potential

To succeed in today's health care industry, peak performance is essential! Vivalon Global Health will assist and guide you to reach maximum potential.

Efficiency, effectiveness, cost-savings and exceptional quality, lead to a productive and happy work force, as well as satisfied, loyal clients.

We have the resources and expertise to make your organisation stand out in its community by providing objective, proven management skills and processes.

We address all aspects of hospital management, in an encompassing, well integrated system. Hospital management contains most of the elements covered under our services. We integrate our know-how and expertise with your company’s specific culture and identity, to develop a unique management style that places you on the map. 

Preparation for accreditation is a lengthy and daunting task, and requires buy-in from the owners, management and employees of an organisation. Accreditation displays the commitment of the organisation to continually improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency, and improves the organisation’s reputation in the community.

We provide innovative ways of reaching your top goals:

Operational Management
Clinical Management
Information Technology
Financial Management
Human Resources Management
Purchasing and Materials Management
Marketing and Public Relations
Facility and Biomedical Management
Risk Management
Administrative Management
Quality and Performance Improvement

Policies & Procedures

Our Policy and Procedure Manuals are all based on international standards that would satisfy most international accreditation organisations.

Policies are written in a generic manner, and adapted and tailor-made for each individual organisation. It takes into account local laws, regulations, customs and cultures, and ensures that procedures still conform to international standards. We believe that every organisation and health care provider is unique, and although the highest quality and standards are never forfeited, the processes in which it works must be personalised and customised.


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